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And then you get an outer circle of people go on cable television networks and repeat them and then you get a third circle and a fourth circle. It's sort of, it's like a series of ripples from a central campaign that is experimented. That was so successful for the Russians that why wouldn't they try it again. AMT: And so you're saying the Republican Party needs to take a step back and look after its own survival here, as opposed to Trump's survival. They have needs, especially when there is nothing, no food or no clean water. says nearly 300,000 people rely on the road for travel, food and medicine. I am a girl.” I said “We have to, Bana, we don't have anything.” BANA ALABED: When the winter finish like there is more boys. And when you are just moving from house to house to keep your family safe.

DAVID FRUM: The Republican party long after Donald Trump ends up in whatever faith he is. We are right, you are wrong.” DAVID FRUM: Well I don't know what is… VOICE: In Syria bombs are falling on Aleppo this morning the U. says more than 200 people have been killed since the regime launched a new offensive. BANA ALABED: [Coughing] [Through Twitter]Hello my friends. Stand with Aleppo and in the siege I will try to be alive on Sunday, if there is no bombing and it is good. VOICE 2: Human rights groups and eyewitnesses say pro-Syrian government forces have closed the only road leading into and out of the city of Aleppo. FATEMAH: When we heard that there a siege we tried to not make our family suffer. [Sound: Engine] VOICE: A convoy of trucks loaded with food and medicine on the move, delivering desperately needed supplies to parts of Syria, but not to Aleppo. And I really hope no one has this experience in his life.

But Bana Alabed voice rang out loud and clear for the whole world to hear. Bana and her family were living in Aleppo, Syria when the city came under siege in 2016. Sometimes her tweets were simple like “Please stop the war we are tired.” Or “Speaking for the children of Aleppo, I demand peace for us.” Sometimes, she tweeted songs or short videos sharing her family's plight as bombs exploded in the background. There were critics who claimed they were fake, or that she was being used as propaganda by rebel fighters. And the white helmet come and they was digging and they hold a body. It was all the distance between the city and the country just 20 minutes no more. VOICE 5: As many as two thousands has already boarded buses. FATEMAH: Every day you still ask when we can go home.

But for as long as she kept tweeting Bana's posts helped bring a seemingly intractable civil war into the clarifying perspective of a child's eye view. They've been given safe passage out of Aleppo to Idlib Province, another parts of Syria under opposition control. The bus move and we feel happy that nothing happened to us. We are now going.: BANA ALABED: When we reach there, my brothers say it is paradise. We ate so much things because we was feeling very happy. I hope that day will come that we will see a country that is rebuilt and people reborn. [Music: Theme] Back To Top » SOUNDCLIP When the terrible conditions came, that is in December-January, the worst one in February ’33. Every morning the wagon, corps wagon, was stopping at every house and shouting “anybody has died overnight”.

So yes Donald Trump is holding on to that top line, the numerator line, but the denominator - the number of Republicans in the country, is shrinking. He's in Washington and I'm going to bring Mica Mosbacher back into the conversation. AMT: And so do you totally reject the idea that Mr. [Music: Theme] AMT: Still to come Anne Applebaum won the Pulitzer Prize for her book Gulag: A History, now The Washington Post columnist has an important new book out. We are one family of millions of Syrians family who are suffer there in Syria. So I was very afraid that they will reach me and reach my family. If they will found any opposition member there they will kill them, anyway. FATEMAH: When there were ceasefire and there were agreement about take all the people out of the siege, out of Aleppo to countryside. First time when the buses came, we couldn't get on the buses because we thought that maybe it's not safe.

What happens is not that people say “I've lost faith in Trump therefore I will give a negative answer to question ‘do I as Republican support Donald Trump? Mueller is continuing and there may well be proof down the road? Read Famine is about the event that killed millions of Ukrainians in the early thirties. The war did nothing for us just bring the death and hunger for all the Syrian. So I tried to make anything that they cannot follow me anywhere; that I take off my SIM card from my phone so they not follow me or target us. VOIVE 4: The evacuation was canceled yesterday when the Syrian regime pounded Eastern Aleppo with airstrikes and rebel forces launched artillery shells. But before we get on the buses we were waiting from a.m. When the buses appear, my children were crying and they were saying to me “Mom that bus is here.

SOUNDCLIP Today's announcement has nothing to do with The President, has nothing to do with the president's campaign. So is this a mere distraction or the start of an unraveling? Also today while Washington still debates the level of Russian involvement in U. politics, Vladimir Putin's fingerprints are all over Ukraine. MICA MOSBACHER: To some degree I'd been expecting this.

We've been saying from day one there's been no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and nothing in the indictment today changes that at all. SOUNDCLIP I think that Putin has the same phobia that Stalin had about Ukraine. Obviously once they appointed Mueller several months ago we were awaiting an outcome and after the raid on Paul Manafort’s home in Alexandria, Virginia, it was just a matter of time before I felt he could possibly be charged.

And I wanted to draw the viewers’ attention to paragraph 21 in the indictment. DAVID FRUM: What happened, Monday is an important chapter. Until now we've been in pre-history of this investigation.So again Paul Manafort was charged with the delegate selection process at the national convention for the DOP in Cleveland last year. You're talking about individuals and others such as Carter Page that never worked in the campaign offices. And the problem is, and again speaking yesterday with a former FBI agent, the issue is the donations to the Clinton Foundation. Again I'm not an attorney but why are we not bringing Mrs. AMT: Mica Mosbacher I want you to hold on we'll come back to you in a few minutes. That is [unintelligible] with what they have done in other countries, where in France, even in Germany where Russia has attempted to support various kinds of pro-Russian reactionary parties against more traditional political parties, and Donald Trump identified himself that way.AMT: We should we should point out that the money that money laundering payments for which he is charged went from approximately 2006 to 2016. And I really have to caution viewers that these are alleged delegations and he pleaded innocent yesterday. They didn't have day to day interaction with campaign staff. I'd like to bring someone else into this conversation. Donald Trump and his campaign made contact with Russia as we now know, thanks not only to George Papadopoulos but to the revelation by Jared Kushner of the e-mail traffic involving Don Trump Jr. The Trump campaign made a series of connections with representatives of the Russian state, not just ordinary Russians but representatives of the Russian state, representatives of Russian intelligence agencies.How much contact there was back and forth between Russia and the Trump campaign? Did the Trump campaign assist in any way Russian placing its ads on Facebook or other communications? AMT: Well you are now urging Republican senators to speak publicly on this issue. As you heard in the previous interview, the Trump defence on the facts is flimsy to nonexistent.Where the administration is going to end up having to go in order to defend itself. This is prefigured in some op eds on this weekend's Wall Street Journal editorial page which has become kind of message board to the Trump administration. That's a fundamental attack on the applicability of law at the office of the presidency.

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